Your Calendar Is Packed, But Still Little Gets Done!

Most people have no clue about how best to layout a weekly calendar that will happen.

Just putting events on you Calendar does not mean they are going to get completed.
This tool gives you a way to obstacles and opportunities that emerge every day.
Then this tool gives you the ability to dance with the chaos of the week so your plan beats your actual.

We invite you to explore how you can dance effectively with the chaos ofthe week.

The result is you never fail to get from where you are to where you want to be in the future!


Weekly Activity Calendar

Give up trying to manage time and learn how to navigate it effectively.  


The age of Time Management has been over for some time because it really was not a sound idea. There are always 168 hours in a week and that never changes and cannot be managed. Plus there is a flood of unexpected obstacles and unforeseen opportunities shot at us point blank every day. So rather than making a list of things to do and then beating ourselves up at the end of the day for not getting everything done , we can find a new freedom to be more like the pilot navigating the journey through the week. Pilots know how to deal with obstacles and opportunities to get back on track and arrive at the set destination on time and safely. Using this tool you will create a Model Week which will be the ideal view of the week which will never happen. Based on this Model, you will create a Plan Week which will also never happen. You will learn to keep a record of the Actual Week which is the only one that will happen, except using this tool you will learn how to ensure that your Actual Week is better than your plan.

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